28 April 2014

Comparison is a thief of joy

Last four months are the hardest. I constantly comparing myself with other girl. She's younger, prettier and better than me. Had fight with my boyfriend for almost everyday. It get pretty routine that every two days we will have this argument. To be honest, I feel like I suffered with bipolar or split personality. I am seriously tired having fight with him. Endless argument, endless drama, endless yelling, screaming. But on the other side, she is happy with her boyfriend, giggle, laughing out loud. While me and him, we constantly yell to each other.

09 March 2013

Why am I different?

I was freaking out when I got to know that my supervisor is the Dean of my faculty. i had a bad history with him when he didn't give his recommendation to continue my degree. he successfully making me cry and I will never forget that day. But this is how life plays, it will make you meet people that you don't like. i wonder how many marks that I will get from him. How come other people can get a good marks and grades but not me. I think I 've put my effort in it. i don't know how to explain what I feel right now. It's all messed up.

08 March 2013

Like A Robot

This is the end of week 3 of my intern ship. To be honest, I felt like robot like never before. Did the same routine such as wake up at 6 am, back from work at 5 pm. Don't you feel like a ... robot? I don't start working yet but I don't want to work no more. I tried to accept the reality that in my society, to be respected is to have a stable job, high income, drive a luxury cars, live in a luxurious house. Well, at least I know that I have to pay for my study loan and my car loan. I want to set up my own business but it takes true courage to have it. Am I capable and patient enough to do it? Even PosLaju were late delivering my parcel, I got damn mad, how I could handle the real life challenge? 


Went to Universal Studio Singapore and Marina Bay with classmates on October 2012.

23 October 2012


Pavlova made by my friend, Illvera. Taste so good. This is for our 3 years and 10 months anniversary.

13 June 2012

Sakura Maki

My favourite dish in Amigo, Melaka Raya, Melaka, Malaysia.

08 May 2012

For His Parents

After 1 month, the book had safely arrived to Dhaka. His dad send me a text message and I am beyond happy. So glad that his dad and mum like it.